Multi-table CONNECTOR Pack

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Frame Color: Brilliant Black

Project Ironside tables can be CONNECTED together! Create the perfect-sized table for any room!

  • Connect TWO tables together with this connector pack to make a 3x10' or 5x6' MEGA TABLE.
  • Perfect for wargamers or those wanting to create a luxuriously long gaming table.
  • Includes:
    • attachable crossbar
    • 3 central support legs
    • 3 adjustable rubber feet
  • Pick up the "6x5' Huge Wood Topper" to cover the 6x5' table configuration (i.e. 2 tables connected side by side)
  • Pick up two "Transforming Wood Topper" + one "Extra Wood Panels (2-pack)" to cover the 3x10' configuration (i.e. 2 tables connected end-to-end)
  • Three tables can be connected with two Connector Packs. Three connected tables will create a 3x15' or a 5x9' playing area