Pre-order and Shipping FAQ

Important note on Wave 11

Wave 11 has been extended until June 15. After June 15 we will be pausing all future table and topper pre-orders as we reconfigure our business away from the pre-order model into an "instant ship model". This transformation will take several months and in order to keep things streamlined we won't be taking pre-orders for base tables and toppers for the next few months. Accessories will still be available, depending on remaining stock.

If you want to get in on Project Ironside, please sign up for a email notifications and we'll let you know when we are back online!

5 months before delivery

Pre-orders LOCK

Place your order for Project Ironside before the deadline - make sure to include all the accessories you want! Once Pre-orders are locked, we send your order to the factory.

3-4 months before delivery

Tables are crafted

Project Ironside takes about 1-2 months to produce.

Once all tables for the wave have been produced, they embark on a heroic journey across the ocean.

1 month before delivery

Tables arrive at port

4-8 weeks after production, your order completes its ocean adventure, arriving in your home country.

They are then transported to your local warehouse.

Delivery time!

Tables are delivered!

About 2-4 weeks after arriving at local warehouses, tables will be shipped to your doorstep!

You'll receive a tracking number before it arrives.

Pre-order Wave Status

Wave 11:

CURRENT STATUS: Taking pre-orders

  • Pre-orders close: May 31
  • Manufacturing: June 1 - July 20
  • Shipping to US: July 20 - September 20
  • Delivery to customers: September 20 - September 30

Wave 10:

CURRENT STATUS: Manufacturing

  • Pre-orders close: March 31
  • Manufacturing: April 1 - May 20
  • Shipping to US: May 20 - July 20
  • Delivery to customers: July 20 - July 30

Wave 9:

CURRENT STATUS: Manufacturing

  • Pre-orders close: January 31
  • Manufacturing: February 1 - March 20
  • Shipping to US: March 20 - May 20
  • Delivery to customers: May 20 - July 30 (slight delay due to extended Kickstarter deliveries)

Wave 8:


  • Pre-orders close: November 30
  • Manufacturing: December 1 - January 20
  • Shipping to US: January 20 - March 20
  • Delivery to customers: March 20 - June 30 (delayed due to Kickstarter wave taking longer than expected to fulfill)

Wave 1-7 (Kickstarter Waves):

CURRENT STATUS: Shipping to backers

  • Estimated completion of all Kickstarter waves: June 2024