6x5' HUGE Wood Topper + Edge Caps BUNDLE

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Wood color: Wizardly (Dark) Walnut

MAXIMUM adaptability! The BEST choice for those building connected 6x5 tables.

  • Split your table and cover each table with its own wood topper set!
  • Cover the exposed grooves of your separated 6x5' wood topper with these rubber-bottomed edge caps.
  • Turn two halves of your huge topper into two separate full regular wood topper sets.
  • This bundle can ALSO be used with an "Extra Wood Panels (2-pack)" to create a long 3x10' seamless topper. Re-combine your table in any direction and have enough wood toppers to cover it!
  • Convert panels into small side tables using the included metal legs!
  • Includes:
    • Huge Wood Topper (10 panels)
    • 16 Edge Caps
    • 16 steel leg parts (to convert toppers into small side tables)
    • 10 steel support legs (to hold it up inside the table)
    • 48 silicone rubber patches to grip the table
    • 10 coasters to protect your playmats