Project Ironside Game Table

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Frame Color: Brilliant Black
Playmat Color: Murky Blue

Majesty! NO LONGER shall dice and bits roll away. NO LONGER shall drinks get spilt on your games. NO LONGER shall you lose your game progress when someone else needs the table.

Experience anxiety-free gaming with Project Ironside - the modular, minimalist board game table. 

NOTE: Ironside tables have a textured scratch-resistant surface (not a smooth surface like can appear is some photos).

  • Chamber walls let you do FUN, WILD dice throws
  • Smooth fabric playing surface makes gaming feel LUXURIOUS
  • Bouncy rubber-bottomed neoprene playmat makes card pickups a snap!
  • Full steel construction, easy to assemble - no tools needed!
  • Textured coated steel means surfaces are resistant to scratches!
  • No risk of drinks spilling with extra-wide cup holders**
  • Keep the play area neat and clean with plug-in bit organizers**
  • Save your game for later with gorgeous real wood toppers**
  • Combine MULTIPLE TABLES or add an EXTENSION to expand your play area!
  • Adjustable height with 2" screw-in adjustable feet.
  • Dimensions: 3x5' play area, 2.75" vault depth, 29-31" height. 
  • FREE SHIPPING on all Ironside Tables and Wood Toppers!

**Available as add-ons: purchase them in the Visualizer or Add-ons catalogue.

To fully deck out your Project Ironside:

  1. Add Project Ironside to your cart (add multiple if connecting tables together)
  2. Add a Wood Topper
  3. Add add-on accessories, like cup holders and storage organizers