Convertible WOOD TOPPER

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Wood color: Wizardly (Dark) Walnut
Style: Full middle leaf
Turn your game table into a dining table! A vital addition to your table!
  • Save your game for later!
  • Water resistant, 100% real wood with a gorgeous finish.
  • No MDF, no particle board.
  • Includes 16 screw-on steel leg parts, allowing you to transform this topper into side tables, storage stools and elevated playing surfaces!
  • Wood panels have metal-lined screw holes underneath for quick conversions.
  • Available with or without a halved middle topper. Halved toppers turn into two half-size mini-tables to hold your game box during setup. Toppers with full middle panels are available as an alternate option (full middle panel version converts into longer benches instead of 2 smaller side tables).
  • Covers one Project Ironside Table
  • Includes 4 coasters to protect your playmats when using it as an elevated playing surface.